Thursday, January 29, 2009

kung hei fat choi.

life is good here in far cathay. we're in the throes of chinese new year, and i've done my fair share of celebrating. monday night was the beginning of cny. while most of the locals stay home to do traditional traditions with their families, the ex-pat contingency of hong kong was out and about. i went with my friends, mark and meki (bottom photo), for a few cocktails then to a "white party" at our favorite watering hole. volume wasn't a raging scene, but we got more than sufficiently wasted (thanks to my favorite bartender, colin, who has no problem filling the largest glass in the bar with as much vodka possible before topping it off with a splash of tonic. bless him.) and watched a friend perform in drag.  after that, we headed to drop for fantastic music and more drinking. it was a great night until a friend projectile vomited at a house party. the morning party was no longer an option, so we had to head home. no worries there.

tuesday, i woke up feeling crazed. i ordered some pizza, watched a few episodes of grey's, and took a nap. i woke up, rallied, and we headed out to watch the fireworks...after stopping at the grocery store for liquor and chasers. good times. i love hong kong. i also love that you can drink in public (top photo).  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

mid-contract blahs.

i've got a raging case of the mid-contract blahs. it happens to everyone, and it actually happened to me a little later than mid-contract. i think there was just so much excitement in the air. thanksgiving, holiday bullroar, pat's visit, new year, blah blah. now 2009 is in full-swing. there's not too much on the immediate horizon, but there are some exciting bits ahead. contract meetings are at the forefront. who is/not being renewed. my name is certainly in the hat to stay. keep your fingers crossed. our shows uses tons of automation/sensors, and with climate changes/wear and tear, maintenance must be performed. the theatre is dark for 5-7 days, and on these "dark days" you will be able to find lion king cast members on the beaches of boracay in the phillipines. the evening of march 22nd, i'll be heading to manilla and boracay for some fun in the sun. i'm a sucker for a nice beach, cold drink, and cheap trip. work!!

this past tuesday, i made use of my newly acquired mainland china visa. i went with otha, amber, and micah to shenzhen. shenzhen is far less westernized than hong kong, but the main attraction is the queen spa. queen spa is a sprawling, multi-level heaven where you can get complete spa treatment for super cheap. (the free fresh fruit and ice cream ain't too bad, either.) for example, i got a body scrub, foot scrub, foot massage, full body massage, and a plate of thai fried rice all for less than $100 US. it was amazing. you wanna come with me next time?