Saturday, March 28, 2009


i joined twitter. (thanks, gl.)

leaving on a jet plane, part two

i'm flying out of hong kong tomorrow. sunday. i can't even believe it.

march 29th
1145 HKG
850 SFO
12hrs 5 minutes

1240 SFO
2126 JFK
5hrs 46 minutes

i have no other words. 


i just returned from three wonderful days on boracay beach in the philippines. blame working on a cruise ship, but i am a sucker for a warm climate, white sand beach, and gorgeous blue water. boracay is a 45 minute flight from manila. i had a very relaxing vacation. i didn't go nuts partying, but i had a few weng weng's, which is a tame version of bamboo 52's volcano punch. all in all, it was good trip. except for that buffet i went to on the first night. NEVER. AGAIN.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wrapping it up

these next few weeks will be jam-packed. i just had a huge birthday weekend (great success). there's not much to tell, except that it involved lots of fun.  i got asked to go back to merry-go-round playhouse to do "buddy: the buddy holly story" in september. i worked there in 2006 and loved every second. my last performance of "festival of the lion king" is tomorrow, my last scheduled day of work is thursday, and i leave for the philippines sunday night. i ended up with a three days weekend somewhere in there, so i'll have plenty of time to do some preliminary packing and cleaning. that's about it. i fly back to nyc march 29th, and i'm hoping i can ease back into the time change. more to come...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

wah wah

i was experiencing sciatic back pain last week, and i figured a quick trip to the accupuncturist would sort me out. i asked around the cast about who was the best accupuncturist, and everyone told me that i needed to get a recommendation from a general practicioner for our insurance to cover the cost of the visit. so i do some investigation, and of course i find the clinic that is closest to me in BFE is coincidentally closed from 2-3:30pm (siesta?), and i'm standing in front of their door at 2:24pm. lucky for me, there's a dentist's office across the way who takes walk-ins, is super affordable/clean, and has no one waiting. i go in to get my teeth cleaned, and as he's working on the back left side of my mouth he says "oh." i knew something was going up, and he tells me that i need a double root canal and a filling. i couldn't hide my excitement. nevermind the fact that disney will be paying for 80% of it. A DOUBLE ROOT CANAL?! ME?! my back immediately started feeling better. . .

Saturday, March 7, 2009

i was born too soon and started too late.

i just had a very exciting and exhausting weekend.

thursday night was my buddy, manton's, bday. (anton is called "manton" because he's about 6'4" of russian muscle. i love him to death.) he and his wife, jade, hosted a birthday get together in their room which included cake, music, and russian vodka. i feel like i spent more time taking shots of vodka with the manton than doing anything else. details start getting spotty, but i can tell you that anton insisted i jump on his back (okay), i fell on my ass twice (further aggrevating my sciatica), and the next thing i know, i'm waking up to go my dentist appointment.

friday morning. 10am. i was still drunk but headed out into a cold, rainy hong kong for an 11am dentist appointment. i had to start my double root canal procedure. i had fully prepared myself for the worst, which is a good thing because it wasn't nearly as dramatic as i had pictured. there were no tears, but after my two injections of the local anesthesia, i needed an additional injection in my bottom tooth because i wasn't completely numbed, and that shit was NOT comfortable. at all. (i have at least two more visits to fully complete the procedure.) i was back out the door (with painkillers in hand) in 35 minutes to go home for a quick lunch, then i headed back out to pay my taxes. let's discuss the hong kong and their taxes: they don't take taxes out of your check, so you're expected to have 15-16 percent of each paycheck saved. according to disney lore, no one has ever paid that much, but i wasn't taking any chances. (you don't pay your taxes? you don't get that last paycheck.) i'm no fool nor did i come all the way to hong kong to get punked. i paid my monies (i don't like that word), and i actually came out of the whole thing with a little leftover money.

friday evening: eddie (next door neighbor) and i decided to open our adjoining door a la thanksgiving for a little party. i made a siiiiick playlist days before, did some final cleaning, and bought about 4 cases of beer. i was ready. the party started off a little slow, but it peaked around 1030. it was about that time a super fan showed up at my party. i had stepped out for a moment, but when i got back to my door, there she was. it was scary and weird. i guess because i put the initial invite on facebook and made it a public invite. still, she was a long way from home just to be standing outside of my door. aside from that, the party went strong til about 1230-1. after a few more cocktails and much discussion, it was decided that eddie and i were taking his best friend, darren, for a quick night on the town. i loaded the north face with a few beers, and we hit the town. we all made choices that night.

saturday morning: eddie, darren, and i all reconvened (in sunglasses and appropriate outwear) at mcdonald's, then we met up with amber and otha to head into mainland china for a day of pampering and treatments at our favorite spa, the victorian queen spa. we laughed and relaxed all day long as the helpful staff scrubbed, scraped, and rubbed our sins away. we headed back to h-ong k-ong, and i stopped by a friend's bday fish fry (work!!) before heading to bed for sleepytime.

i know this post is a little more long-winded than normal, but there's so much to do in a very short amount of time. there are 4 birthdays this week (mine included) so there's a lot of celebrating to do. until next time. . .