Monday, March 22, 2010

waiter realness

this gem came from my buddy, matt. his blog, The Fierce Life , is always a hit. this article from explains the service industry. you'd think this would be common sense, but some people bring their "best manners" to dinner with them. read the article here.

Friday, March 5, 2010


gerold edward schroeder is one my nearest and dearest. he's hilarious, handsome, talented, and much smarter than you. his hair? fierce. his outfit? fierce. his vocal placement? beyond. who knows mariah better than anyone? him.

gerold loves showchoir more than most. some people like baseball, gerold loves showchoir, deal with it.

i got an email from gerold this morning, and all i could think as i was reading was, "this would make an excellent post on jermainia." see what you think:

ok so tomorrow is the biggest Show Choir competition of the year as well all know and as it turns out, its one of my best friends birthdays tomorrow so I have to go downtown and celebrate.
HOWEVER, I will be watching the showchoir live feed all day starting at 11AM because that is when the first large group goes. I haven't figured out yet to put the live feed from my computer to the apple tv to the actual tv but I think I'm gonna go to the apple store today and see if they can help me. Otherwise I'll just watch on my computer but hopefully the feed is good.
So if you are free and you want, stop by anytime between 11 and 8 and I'll be glued to the computer! Don't feel obligated if you are doing shit during the day, I mean its a saturday and its suppose to be gorgeous outside and people have shit to do.
BUT I have to say, I watched Clinton's opener on-line the other day after hearing rumers of them being "better than ever" and "unbeatable again" and they were literally better than ever. They are cleaner than any performing group currently performing (including broadway) and the choreography is beyond creative. They are working with currently 6 choreographers for their show and they all collaborate. INSANE. THis is high school!
On the OTHER hand, I watched John Burroughs opener on Youtube yesterday and it is of course EVERYTHING and completely different than Clinton's style. They all come out in these like see-through plastic cloaks with hoods and sing Mad World Adam Lambert style and being creepy and crazy into something else with some pop bitch BELTING her face off. Rory's response from across the room was, "Jesus, is that the same bitch!?" And he HATES show choir.
So I honestly can say that I do not know who will win. Burroughs beat them in 2009 and 2008 but the past two years have been Clinton's weakest (still AMAZING) shows ever and Clinton beat them in 2007 when they were on fire so its gonna be a throw down! I've heard this years Clinton show is compared to their 2004 year, which is considered the benchmark in showchoir along with John Burroughs from last year. AHHHHHH
ok I can't talk about it anymore.

and bring whoever you want I don't care and there are four dogs too just so you know. Jermaine you know you've been there. They are all small and cute and harmless. Three chihauaus and one medium size sweetheart. Only one of them is the devil and she's five pounds. I will put that bitch outside if she barks once during Clinton or Burroughs