Sunday, November 23, 2008


thanksgiving is a fat kid's dream. depending on where you have thanksgiving, your day usually goes something like this: television program (football game but probably dvr'ed performances from the macy's parade), drinking (vodka-based cocktails, mimosas) , near intoxication because of lack of food, eating, drinking, food coma/-itis, nap, repeat. 

in the last four years, i've had some excellent thanksgivings. noteable gatherings include t-day '05 at kelly will's, t-day '06 at chris klink's as he hobbled around on crutches from a freshly sprained ankle, and most recently t-day '07 in noblesville, indiana at the hammans house. (rum and cokes, wasted in-laws, and bullet shrapnel in the quail were highlights of the day.) this year will be the first day i host a thanksgiving of my own. i won't be gutting any birds, but i'm making my mom's amazing green bean casserole. we're having a big pot-luck here at harbour plaza, and it should be a blast. wish me luck.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


i woke up before my alarm went off. i still can't really open my eyes. i'll get back to you later...


Thursday, November 13, 2008

she's baaaack!

britney's new cd, circus, drops december 2nd. i can't effing wait. britney has dealt with a few things in the past few years, but everyone does, just not in the public eye. i'm not making excuses for her. i'm just saying that her ass is back, and i hope you're ready. she's looks wicked freakin stunning on the cd cover. i cant wait to have that cover art on my ipod touch. we were all about the britney at IU. (i'm sure i can still perform most of the "live from las vegas" dvd.) maria campos used to host birthday parties for britney every december 2nd. it mainly involved us listening to brit's collection of hits, hanging out, and getting really fucked up. i loved it. busch light, blunts, and hong kong neighbor, eddie, just bought the britney greatest hits cd. maybe i'll have a britney party here in hong kong...i'll keep you posted. i hope you're gathering your favorite thanksgiving recipies. y'all check this link for some ideas.

"Never ever lose your passion to dream. Please. Don't."
-bspears herself. 

Monday, November 10, 2008


i was talking to josh the other day, and we were talking about nyc, the good ol' days, etc. i immediately became homesick. then i tried to pinpoint was suddenly causing me to feel that way.

i miss drinking in new york.

i miss blackout or back-out sundays, i miss bamboo 52 happy hour (that always ends up with dinner/mac and cheese at vynl), and i miss prosecco at becco.

i've certainly curbed my binge drinking since i've gotten to china, but just because you don't ride a bike everyday doesn't mean you forget how to ride. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

proud of your boy(s)...

straight no chaser's "holiday spirits" is #76 on billboard's top 200.


change comes fast, change comes slow.

barack obama is the new president of the united states. i'm thrilled!! i wish i could've been in the states to see some of the news coverage and to get a sense of what americans, in general, are feeling.  everyone at work has been super supportive obama's win. even the random chinese security guard at the american consulate told me that he hoped i was voting for obama. "we want him to win." it made me happy to think that this man has inspired people worldwide. it's been cool to help explain political parties to the people who aren't used to the american political jargon. i feel like i'm doing my part as an american citizen. his win is a huge page in the history books, and i pray that he can follow through and clean up the mess that is our country. 
  side note: listen, i understand that there are people who weren't in favor of having obama in office. i get it. however, when you write "fuck obama" as your facebook status, you look like an asshole for many reasons. trust me. 
things are quiet at hkdl. the halloween bull roar has passed, but i've already seen parade dancers rehearsing for the holiday parade. ugh. christmas makes me anxious. nicky is coming tomorrow!! nicky is a chinese herbalist who's coming to hong kong to visit her best friend. we met on the constellation my very first night, and for the next six months we had lots of adventures on the ship, in london, and every port imaginable. we drank, ate, drank, laughed, and ran that ship like it was our job. she's even visited me in nyc, and we, again, partied like crazy rockstars. i'm excited she'll be here. hilarity will ensue, no doubt.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

holiday spirits.

51 days until christmas. (i'm silencing my pre-holiday anxiety as we speak, i promise.) this cd is the perfect companion for your yuletide journey. straight no chaser's "holiday sprits" was released last tuesday, and it's a hit!! it's giving you christmas variety, a cappella style. it features classics ("white christmas"), humor ("12 days after christmas"), and new spins on old hits ("carol of the bells"). take support my/our friends. buy the cd from itunes (i got the bonus track version for $11.99),, or borders.