Friday, April 17, 2009

black in action

it's been hectic, but i'm back. i landed in nyc march 29th, and it's been go go go every second, just the way i like it.  i stayed at simone's on the uws for a week while i bopped around seeing people, getting headshots, recovering from jetleg, etc. i flew out of nyc april 8th for a midwest tour that almost went up in smoke. i was supposed to go home to evansville for two days, then go to chicago, then end the week in indianapolis. well, chicago didn't happen, so i spent an extra day in evansville, went to bloomington for a night, then spent easter weekend in indianapolis with pat, joe, josh, and some other amazing hits. i got back to the city april 13th, and it's been apartment hunt 2009. i feel good about it, but i'm just ready to get situated. that's all for now. oh yeah, i start back at becco tomorrow night. work!

Monday, April 13, 2009


i've been slacking. i've been all over the place. literally. i'll pull it all in within the next few days to deliver a full report.