Thursday, September 23, 2010


tuesday, we had a "we're not working so let's sensibly drink at southwest porch in bryant park". i brought my camera along and took a few photos.

marie and liz
kami graves, thanking justin timberlake for all he's done for us.
me and liz.
jim and bradley d. gale
liz, cool in blue.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


monday we said goodbye to one of our greats. my little sister, bestie, and partner-in-crime, semhar, left for arena stage in washington, dc. thanks to arena stage, they're putting blacks on the frontier to tumble, brisse, and say "yee-haw" in their new production of "oklahoma." while we were sitting at lunch, whitney booked a christmas casino tour. woohoo! my showgirl is back in action. i just hope the booking spirit stays in the family for me and jason.

can you see all four of the blackberrys (blackberries?) on the table that were lighting the entire time? gotta love black-tivity. *blacktivity: alerts on your blackberry. i.e: texts, emails, voicemails, missed calls, etc. jason and sem (below) share a dramatic goodbye.

after a rather uneventful night at work, i met up with gerold, rory, and josh for a little monday night drinking. rory took time out of his busy broadway impact schedule to say hi to me, and took make sure gerold behaves himself.
i tried to keep my word to rory, but gerold is his own beast. we went to house of brews where he put on a mariah mega-mix and gave quite the performance. he threatened a tumbling pass in the bar, but he held off. here's a picture of me, gerold, and josh more then a few drinks deep. good times for a monday night.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

doin some good in the hood.

monday night, there was a fund-raiser at bourbon street for the becco marathon team. we had a blast and raised close to $4000. check out some pictures from the event.