Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's eve

next to my birthday and thanksgiving, new year's eve is my favorite holiday. you get dressed in a smart outfit, drink everything in sight, and be super-celebratory all night long. sign me up!! this year will be a new venture in the new year's eve excursions. in my new york years i've gone to open bars (2003 & 2004), hosted an insane party in my tiny hell's kitchen apartment (2005 - maybe my favorite nye to date), gone to the SoHa ballroom (2006), and celebrated at beef and boards (2007). obviously, i've been out of the city for new year's, but i've certainly never celebrated one in china... ever. this year, 30 of us have gotten together to rent a boat to drive us around the harbor for a few hours, then we're heading out. it should be a blast. thank you, mickey mouse. 

pat landed safely last night. i picked him up from the airport around 800pm. we headed back to my apartment, ordered pizza, and started drinking. (hide your shock.) next thing i know, we've headed back out for some drinking, dancing, and general cavorting. good times.

i'll definitely miss my new year's day brunch with kel and jack. pat and i will carry on the tradition here in hong kong. 

HAPPY 2009.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

baklush single ladies

"single ladies" a la festival of the lion king.
(note the casual use of the penchee arond 1:23).

Friday, December 26, 2008


straight no chaser is #1 on itunes.  over kanye, over britney, over sasha fierce. i told you the shit would be sick. they've been all over the country on a promotional tour, and their work has paid off. it's not too late to purchase a copy. i predict that this cd will be an annual classic. (just like "mariah carey christmas".)


shiiit. the holidays have worn me out. the last week has been full of work, shopping, dinners, and parties. it's been a blast, but it's also worked me just a little. let's recap:

saturday 12/20 - he had our lion king holiday party, which is basically a pot-luck/talent show. i made a tasty chicken and vegetable spaghetti dish. it was a hit. i was at a loss for the "talent" part. i hadn't put any extra effort to prepare a number, but after some coaxing, i sang "the christmas song" . the highlight of the evening was single ladies, performed by the "ladies" of festival of the lion king. 

monday 12/22 - my little girl, ela, performed her last day of shows before she takes off  for disneyland paris. i hosted a little dinner party in her honor. i made spaghetti (again), and we ate and talked til it was time to head upstairs for the WIG PARTY. jane (a princess) hosted a wig party, and lucky for us, otha has a nice collection of wigs. we all featured the party and had a blast. it was hits.

tuesday 12/23 - i decided that i should maybe do some christmas shopping. i'm notorious for christmas procrastination, and this year was no exception. after applying for my mainland china visa, i ventured out, successfully, to buy presents.

wednesday 12/24 -  i finished up the gift-getting (never be afraid to give booze at christmas time, ps). i received some excellent gifts (scarves, wallets, engraved chopsticks). we all headed out for a thai dinner, and after dinner, we had drinks and desert in stephanie and david's apartment, but i cut my night short because i had to work the next morning. 

thursday 12/25 - after work, the plan was to meet at victoria peak for japanese. after hauling it all the way up there, we find out that they restaurant is only offering a prix-fixe that would be about $60/person, which might not have been the worst thing in the world, but the menu was a little too random for everyone's tastes. our solution: bubba gump's. i had my first bubba gump's experience last night, and it was fucking great. i had a pomegranate margarita with an extra shot (served a la chilli's ultimate margarita style.) my dinner of baby back ribs and fries was only further enhanced by the round of shots purchased by stephanie's dad. (i called "scraps" on the non-drinkers' shots, ps.) all in all, christmas was celebratory and blessed.

friday 12/26 - my black ass is tired. i need to rest my bones because pat schuette will be gracing hong kong as of tuesday. i can't freaking wait. hope you're all recovering and resting up for new year's eve!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

david lockwood brown

david lockwood brown. i mean, everyone should have a friend like davidbrown. (one word.) funny, talented, mildly offensive. we share similar interests, like good music, social dancing, and vodka cocktails. he cracks my shit up on a regular basis. see for yourself:

"i was dating this boy who was a drifter like nomi malone...and i called him last night to see if he wanted to come over and he was like ...i'm in dallas texas. fucking nomi malone."

david: so that boy i met at the grocery store? turns out he's a high up manager at diesel.
me: wow. looks like you've made it.
david: i went to visit him today to get a scarf, and i got $1100 worth of shit for $260.
me: i love you.
david: i was like "work, david brown." god, i was so glad i met him while i was waiting in line to buy captain crunch.

me: will you come wash my dishes?
david: me?
me: mmhmm. or send lucy over here.
david: you can't borrow my housekeeper.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

a new friend.

we didn't exchange names or pleasantries of the day. i turned around, she was standing at my back to show her friends how short she was compared to me. photos were taken. she went back to mainland china. i had a hot dog.

Friday, December 5, 2008

prop 8, the musical

this shit is too funny to keep to myself. 

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

happy birthday, brit.

"circus" dropped today. i love it, and i know you will, too. support our girl.

Monday, December 1, 2008

thanksgiving results.

thanksgiving was hits. i blessed the food around 9 or so, and we immediately dug in. we had ham, turkey, chicken, cornish game hen, dressing, green beans, chili, chicken adobo, african beef, porridge, yams, mac and cheese, wine, jack daniels (wait, that was just me.), and many desserts. everyone was very full and very happy/ the night ended with a very impromptu recital where just about everyone (all 23 of us) sang. it was like a chorus call, only a lot more fun. 

in honor of black friday, i bought a new digital camera yesterday. work and whack!