Friday, February 27, 2009

sucka for love

aubrey o'day tap dances on my last good nerve when she does shit like this. the graphic on her t-shirt is a picture of herself. asshole.

a friend of mine texted me once saying "i just saw her at ripley-grier. she's a hot mess in a dirty dress." 

i'll let you be the judge of that.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


just a taste of my little macau adventure. enjoy.

leaving on a jet plane. . .

things around here have been pretty tame. i'm still recovering from a crazy night in macau with mark, meki, and her two friends from california. i have to give myself credit on my rallying tactics. i left work at 630, was on the macau ferry by 730, and at the bar of the mgm grand having a cocktail with mark by 9. the night ended at 6am, and i was back on the ferry heading to hong kong by 830 and back in the lion king break room at 1130. macau makes me itchy for a vegas trip. photos to come...

in related news, i'm getting REALLY excited about heading home. i got my flight itinerary today, and i'm flying out of hong kong march 29th at 1145, putting me at jfk at 926pm sunday night (after a lay-over in san fran). it will be a LONG day of travelling, but i'll be good for it. i'm feeling slightly unsettled because i have nyc contact info to give the disney admin. no cell phone number or address. it's strange, but it's also exciting to be starting fresh. 

alright, back to my domestic tasks. instead of going to free vodka with tha kids, i'm cleaning my room, cooking, doing laundry, and drinking a bottle of chardonnay. i'm such an adult. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

i smell what the rock is cooking

the rock came to hong kong disneyland thursday to promote his new movie. i've never been more excited to watch the main street parade. he didn't come see lion king, but he did take the time to point in my general direction.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

peace out, boy scout.

i had my contract meeting yesterday where i was politely informed that there wasn't a contract for me. i didn't get extended. it was a slight slap in the face, but it's life. i'm already on the ball trying to line up some work for the summer. i'm getting excited about heading back home to nyc (as long as i can bypass that winter bullshit. i need a low of 50 degrees fahrenheit, a la hong kong.) i've made some fantastic friends here, and i'm very sad about having to leave them. but spring/summer in nyc is calling my name...