Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happy mother's day.

israel is starting to shape up for me, thank God. thanks to an unexpected afternoon off of rehearsal last friday, i went with a few friends to rehovot for lunch. freedom? sunny skies? real food? hell to the yes, bobby. after an amazing lunch pre-fixe at a delicious restaurant followed by some delicious dessert, we went back to our lovely youth village to gear up for our excursion.

saturday morning, we headed to masada. stunning. beautiful. amazing. mountains. desert. sunshine. farmer's tan. all of these things happened while i got to experience something that was so much larger than myself. something that was so stunning that all i could so was take picture after picture after picture and try not get frustrated with my camera. my beautiful, black canon 1400sd powershot takes amazing pictures, but there was no one she would be able to capture all the beauty i saw. check out my photo album here. we left masada, had some average lunch at the israeli equivalent of a rest stop and proceeded on the dead sea. again, no words. lowest point of the earth. salt. stunning. don't drink the water. float. live. be.

back to my pretty little powershot: i love her. so much. taking photos this weekend reminded me how much i love traveling and taking pictures. it brings me such joy to capture these stunning, amazing images for the purpose of making memories, but maybe i can expose someone to an something they might not know exists. i'd love to get a nice big boy camera and work it out. stay tuned.

speaking of a stunning image, get into my (girl)friend nikka's blog: showgirl godzilla. she's beautiful and working it out. hope you enjoy it like it do.


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