Sunday, May 29, 2011

mr. frank? happy memorial day.

memorial day is one of my favorite holidays for so many reasons.

1.) imprompteques. the technical definition of an imprompteque is an impromptu barbeque. (melissa hammans is the reigning queen of the imprompteque.) trust, you will always receive ample notice, but the relaxed feel of the gathering always gave you the impression of "oh, this ol thing/these people/this beautifully displayed spread including veggie/hummus/cheese tray/spin dip? i just threw this together. (cue: laughter, hair toss, and a wine refill.)" i probably just felt that way because of the casual nature of the gathering and the warmth with which i was always received. (love you, mah.)

1a.) there was one year when the memorial day cookout at 22-19 was wild. everyone was rip-roarin' retarded, and it was amazing. i remember one james jackson, jr. just leaving because there was nothing else he could do. it was at that time i found out i booked hong kong disneyland, and i'm pretty sure all i did was scream and throw my phone. i think the next year was slightly more tame. white wine spritzers were happening (minus the tequila chaser.) there was definitely a late night conversation equating pork rinds and the smell of pullout. i won't say any names because i'd rather walk a mile on mine own lips... i digress. where was i? yes.

2.) daydrinking. please give me a cold drink (or 8) while the sun is out. there's something so exciting/naughty about drinking when you could potentially be at work, an audition, or anything that involves "business hours". i swear the sun only intensifies the intoxication and raises the alcohol content of that bud light.

3.) grilled meats. i. love. a. grilled. meat!! chicken. hamburger. steak! sign me up for a little bit of everything. professionals will marinade their chicken breasts or pre-season their beef patties to make sure their meat is "working" before it hits the grill. since my kitchen is used for storage and recycling plastic bags and take-out boxes, i'm always the guy stopping off at the grocery store en route to the party to pick up a box of burgers, some nice kraft singles, and some soft burger buns (as opposed to the hard ones!) fear not. a few dashes of lawry's, cayenne, and lemon pepper, and that boxed burger patty will taste like delicately seasoned kobe beef after it's come off of the grill. (i assure you the case of bud light i've picked up with burgers have zero effect on the taste.)

4.) weather transition. memorial day marks the beginning of summer, regardless of the temperature. growing up, public pools opened memorial day. school was almost over. now that i'm an adult, it means it's the beginning of summer in nyc. the city will be less-crowded on the weekends because those with the means to do so will be heading anywhere from fire island to the hamptons to jersey shore to provincetown to where'er. the energy changes, i break out my jean cut-offs, and my skinnier comrades in arms bust out their tanks tops and low-cut blouses. win/win, if you ask me.

in closing, i hope you celebrate memorial day in the most festive and relaxing way you can think of. i'll be in rehearsal.

(james, melissa, and me. memorial day 2k8.)

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