Tuesday, May 17, 2011

starbucks fail

my friend, steph, loves starbucks. before work, after work, mid evening, whatever. she pops into a starbucks, places her order with the cashier, cashier takes her name, barista makes the order, steph gets her drink, she goes on her way. easy enough, right? hell no. her name always gets lost in translation somewhere. steph is not a difficult name. i'd bet a few sheckles that somewhere in the starbucks training manual is a chapter on how to royally eff up a customer's name, and "steph" is the textbook example. she's been called everything under the sun, and thanks to the modern convenience of a mobile upload, she shares her daily starbucks fails with the rest of us via the facebook. she's taken her misfortunes (and our daily entertainment) and turned it into a blog called "what's my name starbucks". i'm featured in this piece of work, and once i return to nyc and my cravings for venti sweetened iced green teas increase, i'm sure i'll have more contributions to her blog. i can't wait!



Steph Geber said...

I love you!!

Steph Geber said...

You are featured twice! http://whatsmynamestarbucks.blogspot.com/2011/05/jermane-well-were-getting-closer-but.html